As leather is an expensive material, there should be a way for consumers to trace the authenticity of their product and maintain the longevity of these investment pieces. NUOVO presents a modern solution to these issues, by incorporating blockchain technology as part of its form, which allows consumers to trace the origins of their product.

NUOVO was awarded one of five Merit Awards in the Asia Students Package Design Competition hosted by ASPaC Association Asia in 2020.

Packaging Design
Research, Visual Design, Packaging
LASALLE College of The Arts

Incorporating Blockchain

Utilising NFC technology, users can simply tap their phones to the pendant and gain access to an interactive prototype which features the traced journey of the product’s manufacturing. This promotes brand transparency, and in turn, strengthens customers’ trust in the brand by allowing them to easily access the published information at any moment they desire.

Breathable Packaging

Additionally, NUOVO is a sustainable alternative to traditional fabric storage conventions, as it is made of tear-resistant, waterproof and more importantly, porous material that allows leather to breathe. With NUOVO, you can be rest assured that your truly authentic leather pieces are well-protected.