Sparked by the nationwide implementation of the TraceTogether initiative during the pandemic, this project seeks to understand the root of data privacy through the perspective of mass surveillance and expose the potential exploitative risks for citizens that could result from allowing nationwide implementation of surveillance and data-friendly schemes which provide companies with open access to citizens’ data.

This was achieved by presenting an informed and engaging narrative told through an interactive website that utilised various interplay to encourage the reader to understand and reflect on the issue.

Interactive Website
Research, Copywriting, Art Direction, Visual Design, Website Design, Website Development,
Final Year Graduation Project

Art Direction

In response to the typical shrouding of the intentions behind questionable policies through the use of corporate imagery and visuals, the art direction focused on reflecting the notion of “exposing the truth” by obscuring information from the reader, and forcing them to uncover them through their mouse movement.

A semi-brutalist visual approach was also taken to present stripped any unnecessary styling so that the consumption of content on the website would be unhindered, while also incorporating a blend of linear storytelling websites that involved animated content to ensure the reader’s engagement.